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Leadership and Governance

The Board of Trustees consist of no fewer than three and up to seven members, including members of EUROSPINE, the Spine Society of Europe and members of the public. Board Members receive no remuneration for their activities. The role of the Board is to oversee and govern all activities of the Foundation, including fund raising and proper distribution of moneys received.
The board itself reports to the Swiss Foundations Authority and provides them with an annual report and audited accounts.

Board Members must disclose all potential conflicts of interest, including, but not limited to, shares in spine-related companies, activities in spine-related companies (e.g. adviser, consultant, board member) or any other contracts or royalties resulting from spine-related patents.

The board takes particular care to reduce the running costs of the Foundation to the lowest possible level as well as costs related to fundraising.

Board Members

Olivier Zysset
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